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Iran Executes the Opposition Journalist Ruhollah Zam

On December 12th, 2020, Iran hanged the opposition journalist, Ruhollah Zam, after the Supreme Court in Iran approved the sentence issued against him.
Iranian media reported that Zam was convicted of “corruption on Earth,”, fuelling anti-government unrest during nationwide protests in 2017, spying for France, partnering with the US, operating against the country’s security, and offending the religion of Islam.
According to human rights sources, He was exposed to tormented acts in the detention; and confessions were taken from him under pressure. In addition, media reported that he was lured from France to Iraq by Iranian Revolutionary Guards; and then abducted by Iran where they detained him in collaboration with Iraqi officials.
It is essential to point out that Zam is the head of “Amad News” website, followed by more than a million followers on “Telegram”; the platform which is deemed by Iran to be responsible for stirring unrest and demonstrations in the country.
Zam was put behind bars in 2009 in Iran after the post-election clashes there, then he obtained political asylum in France.

The French Foreign Minister found the Supreme Court’s approval of Zam’s execution to be a severe infringement on the freedom of the media and press in Iran.

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