The Public Prosecutor’s Office orders to bring those engaged in Bahaa Al-Din Al-Nuri’s killing to trial

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Sudan ordered to bring to trial all members who detained and killed Bahaa El-Din Nuri under torture.
On December 27th, 2020; The Public Prosecution have stated that they will form a re-autopsy for the body of Nuri, by the Forensic Medicine Authority; and that is upon the request of his family and upon an order issued by the Public Prosecution.
The Public Prosecution stressed the continuity of the judicial investigations; and brought all who prove guilty to trial to establish the concept of non-impunity and the primacy of law.
Thus, the statement emphasized the Public Prosecution’s keenness to adhere to its message towards society; defend it, and maintain its constitutional rights in compliance with the constitutional statute text and the Criminal Procedure Law.
Lastly, It is essential to mention that the security men of RSF in civilian clothing had detained Nuri on December 16th; in light of his political activities as a member of the Resistance Committee in the Hayah Corporation; which is known for its condemnation of the regime of the ousted President Omar Al-Bashir.

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