Tunisian security forces taunt and detain a photojournalist

The Tunisian authorities detained the photojournalist, Islam Al-Hakiri, on Monday morning, January 25; due to taking pictures during the night curfew; even though he has a work permit during the curfew.
Al-Hakiri was exposed to bad treatment by the security forces when one of them slapped him and addressed him with improper words.

In-depth, the Tunisian Journalists Syndicate stated that; “The prosecutor of the republic approved the detention of Al-Hakiri on Monday morning, January 25th, 2021; following a report against him by the Security Center in Ibn Khaldoun Street in the capital; on accusations of “defaming a state official verbally” and “violating the curfew”.

Al-Hakiri has been assaulted and slapped by one of the security officers in the middle of the city; when he was on his way to shoot the security environment during the curfew. A Traffic Police patrol stopped them and asked for transportation permits during the curfew. His colleague showed the permit but when al-Hakiri objected, the security dragged him out of the car forcibly and slapped him using swear words. After the arrival of Al-Hakiri to the security station, he demanded to speak in the presence of a lawyer; but the security officers filed a report against him, charging him with “defaming a state official verbally” and “violating the curfew.”

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