Photographer Fadi Soni describes what happened with him and his colleague Ahmed Al-Qasir in their detention by the Lebanese authorities

On Friday afternoon, after hours of detention; the Lebanese authorities released the photojournalist Fadi Soni and his colleague the reporter Ahmed Al- Qusair.
Soni stated to Adala’s website what had happened with them in the detention saying; “on Thursday night, I was covering with my colleague Ahmed Al-Qusayr the demonstration that took place in Tripoli. A clash occurred between the demonstrators and the army; so we took the stairs up to the terrace of the building to take pictures of the clash. But the army’s tear gas bombs reached us and we fainted. The Red Cross treated us; we went home and rested; then we returned to cover the event live through the channel we work for, “New Syria”. At 12 am, while we were on our way home, a car stopped us, and introduced themselves as members from the bureau of the Information Branch”.
Soni proceeded: “They carried us to the branch and detained us until the other day under the excuse of no detectives. On Friday morning, at 10 am, the detective came and asked about the essence of our job, whom the Syria TV that we work with is for, and about the materials we broadcast, then they confirmed our answers. At 2 pm they released us.”
Soni voiced his dissatisfaction and frustration of some social media users, especially those supportive of the Syrian regime, as they attempt to misrepresent their image and incite the Lebanese and the Lebanese government against them by circulating rumors like “they belong to terrorist organizations” which Sony denied. He expressed his concern about such rumors that would put him and his colleague at risk.

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