The family of journalist Hussein Khojaly asks the Sudanese authorities to consider his health conditions and release him

The family of Sudanese journalist Hussein Khojaly; expressed their concern that the authorities will continue detaining him while he is going through poor health conditions. They demanded his immediate release.

In a statement released by the family, they said; “There is no evidence to justify his continued imprisonment; aside from his detention in the police station, without taking into account his special health needs, as he suffers from several diseases; among them the significant deterioration in his eyesight, which required his transfer to the police hospital to spend an entire night in the emergency department, during the past days.”

The family added; “More than 8 days have passed since Khojaly was arrested on charges of undermining the constitutional order, and other charges; and nothing new has happened to his legal status. Whereas he is being held in a police station in north Khartoum; after members of the Empowerment Removal Committee (a government committee formed to liquidate the regime of ousted president Omar al-Bashir) have started the investigation with him.”


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