Algerian authorities release prisoners of conscience

The Algerian authorities continue to release prisoners of conscience; following the President Abdelmadjid Taboune’s issuance of a presidential pardon for 60 activists.

The most prominent of those released were the journalist Khaled Dararni and the dissident Rachid Nekkaz; who spent nearly a year in Algerian prisons on charges of incitement to gatherings, compromising national unity; as well as other charges that jurists consider to be fake and designed to curtail freedom of expression.

Furthermore, a statement by the Algerian Ministry of Justice emphasized to work on the President’s decision; as 33 people who were included in the pardon have been released. And according to the statement, among them were 21 people sentenced to enforceable detention, others who were not sentenced permanently, and others convicted with acts related to using social networks and non-authorized gathering.

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