The Yemeni journalist Hisham Al-Baqiri killed in clashes

Bullets hit the Yemeni journalist, Hisham Al-Baqiri; and he was killed on Friday, while covering the clashes between the recognized government forces and the Houthi movement; in Taiz Governorate.
Social media has buzzed in Yemen following the killing of Al-Baqiri. And his colleagues shared blog posts about him, expressing their anger for his departure.
Besides, journalist Nabil Al-Baqiri wrote, mourning his brother; “I was as sumptuous as dew as clouds, brother; flowing like a river, daring like thunder and knights, generous like rain and brave you do not fear death. You were simple with the simple and mighty with the arrogant (…) And despite the pain of your great loss that suffocates me, my pride in you relieves this suffocation, brother, rest in peace Hisham.”

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