Journalists and activists go on hunger strike in Morocco in solidarity with two colleagues

Moroccan journalists and human rights activists are in solidarity with the arrested journalists Omar Radi and Suleiman Raissouni.
This solidarity is represented by a symbolic hunger strike that will last for one day.

Last Friday, the families of the two journalists issued a statement saying that Radi and Raissouni went on a hunger strike. “We regret informing the public opinion that the detainee Suleiman Raissouni has began a water strike; in addition to his hunger strike that was previously announced, as decided by the detainee Omar. Al-Radi is also implementing the decision to go on hunger strike.”
The statement added: “We, as families of the detainees; consider the entry of journalists Suleiman and Omar in an open strike on food and water – for Suleiman – a result of the injustice that befell them from security, media and judicial harassment; and because of their despair to receive justice and to put an end to their pretrial detention; that lasted for a year for Suleiman, and over 8 months for Omar.”

Finally, the statement indicated that the two families tried by all means to discourage them to take this decision; especially that it deteriorated alarmingly their health and that each of them suffers from an illness.

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