Jordanian authorities deport journalist Hassan Al-Banna Mubarak and Egypt arrest him

Jordanian authorities refused to receive the journalist and political activist, Hassan Al-Banna Mubarak; who was detained in Egyptian prisons, on the 16th of this month.

Abdel Rahman, Hassan’s brother, posted on Facebook that his brother was detained upon his arrival to Cairo airport, saying; “Hassan officially left Cairo airport on Friday April 16th, traveling to Jordan as a country that permits entry to Egyptians without a prior visa; however, the Jordanian security authorities did not accept his entry, and refused any other option that would be in favor of his travel to another country, and deported him to Cairo yesterday, Sunday April 18th.”

Abdel-Rahman held the Egyptian and Jordanian authorities responsible for his brother’s health condition in case he was harmed; as he also mentioned in his post; “We are concerned about his freedom and his psychological and physical conditions. We, the family of Hassan al-Banna, hold the Egyptian security authorities fully responsible for Hassan’s psychological and physical conditions, and we also hold the Jordanian authorities the same responsibility because of their participation in the crime of his deportation”.

Furthermore, the Egyptian authorities had released Al-Banna in May 2020 with a guarantee of his place of residence; as he had been detained since 2018 on charges of joining a group established in violation of the provisions of the law and its financing, as well as publishing spreading false news in connection with Case No. 441 of 2018 Supreme State Security.

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