Algerian authorities refuse to release the journalist Rabah Karèche

The Algerian authorities have refused to release “Liberty” newspaper’s reporter, the journalist Rabah Karèche; as the judiciary supports the decision of placing him in prison until his trial, due to the charges raised against him.

They charged him with “voluntary publishing of false information that violates public order”; “use of different means that impair security and national unity”; and “creation of an online account dedicated to disseminating information that would cause segregation and hatred in society.”

Hence, “Liberty” newspaper demanded the immediate release of the journalist, Rabah Karèche, under the slogan “Journalism is not a crime”; this came in a statement in which it condemned the arrest of its correspondent Karèche by the Algerian authorities.

Also, it criticized the accusations against Karèche and considered them false; as the statement stated: “The charges are false, and strongly conceal the intention to silence the journalist, who is known for his morals and good professional behavior, and prevent him from performing his work objectively, as shown by his multiple summonses by the security services during the recent months.”

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