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Belarus authorities continue to arrest opposition journalists

Belarus authorities continue to arrest opposition journalists

The authorities in Belarus continue to harass journalists and arrest opponents of President Alexander Lukashenko. The security forces have arrested the editor-in-chief of the website “”, Alexei Shota.

Furthermore, Shota’s ex-wife posted on “Facebook” how Shota was arrested; saying that “a bus carrying unknown people stopped outside Shota’s house on Sunday and arrested him.”

Shota’s arrest comes days after the authorities in Belarus diverted a “Ryanair” plane; while it was flying and heading to Lithuania in order to arrest the opposition journalist, Roman Protasevic; after claiming that there was a bomb inside of the plane and chasing it with a warplane.

As a result, the European Union condemned this and imposed additional sanctions on personalities and entities in Belarus, to avoid flying over these countries and to prevent their aircraft from using European airspace and airports.

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