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The Iraqi Al-Taghier Channel evacuates its offices after cadres received death threats

The Iraqi Al-Taghier Channel evacuates its offices after cadres were death threatened

The Iraqi channel, Al-Taghier, evacuated its offices yesterday in the capital, Baghdad; following death threats that the channel’s director, Akram Zangana received, to kill him, his son, and the channel’s workers via text messages received on his own mobile phone; according to a statement by the Press Freedom Advocacy Association.

As reported that the threats began after the channel aired a program in which the presenter, Najm al-Rubaie; criticized the “Popular Mobilization Forces” militants.

Furthermore, the association said in the statement that it “learned from the channel’s employees about the evacuation of the headquarters; located on Zaitoun Street in the city of Mansour (central Baghdad); after social media circulated a fabricated video clip from a program by the presenter Najm al-Rubaie; in which he was shown criticizing one of the armed factions.

The association emphasized that these threats represent a flagrant violation of the freedom of press and media work, which is guaranteed by the constitution. Also, it called on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi “to speed up the fulfillment of his promises to stop all forms of threats and intimidation; and to undermine freedom of expression and journalistic work.”
They added “The persistence of impunity is the most prominent reason for the recurrence of these cases; and the creation of terror and fear continues to journalists.”

In addition to that, the association also held responsible the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi; for the safety of the presenter Colonel Najm Al-Rubaie, and all employees of the channel.

On the other hand, the Iraqi journalist Imad Al-Araji, indicated on “Twitter” that “the death threat to the workers in Al-Taghier Channel; after the episode about the fugitive weapon and the role of some armed factions in storming the Green Zone; confirms that the forces of non-state are who controls the fate of Iraq ”.

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