Russian website shuts down after being labeled as a “foreign agent”

Russian website shuts down after being labeled as a “foreign agent”

The Russian website “VTimes” announced its closing date, on the 12th of this June; through a statement by the website’s editorial management. The administration indicated in the statement that the timing of the closure will come on an official holiday in Russia to celebrate the country’s independence.

Moreover, the editorial administration justified the closing because of their fear of taking legal measures against them after classifying the website as a “foreign agent”. They indicated that the classification of a “foreign agent” had damaged their economic model after it removed advertisers; while the readers’ donations were not enough to continue.

They added in the statement: “It was considered (VTimes) in the category of opposition media. But we made a completely different media.”

Also they mentioned that the classification of the website as a “foreign agent” denied it by some sources, like “Officials, businessmen, and even analysts, are afraid to talk to a foreign client.”

Russia recently classified the “Meduza” website as a foreign agent as well. And in the same context, “Svoboda” radio, funded by the US Congress, announced the closure of its bank accounts; after judicial officials who are responsible for implementing court decisions, visited its headquarters.