The health of Chinese journalist Lü Gengsong, is deteriorating in prison

The health of Chinese journalist Lü Gengsong’s is deteriorating in prison

The wife of Lü Gengsong, the Chinese journalist, has appealed to the international community to take action to save her husband’s life. He is in poor health conditions; “Many of his teeth have fallen out” she told media outlets.

Lü Gengsong, the 65 year-old Chinese journalist, is staying in Changhu Prison in Zhejiang province. According to his wife, he received diabetes and hypertension medicines; but doctors refused to conduct further examinations and treat him for his other diseases and health problems.

In fact, the Chinese authorities arrested Gengsong in 2014 and sentenced him for 11 years in prison for “undermining state authority”. Observers considered that his conviction on this charge was due to his journalistic writings specialized in human rights; and also his membership in the Chinese Democratic Party, that the authorities classify as a banned opposition group.

According to press sources, in 2017, Gengsong’s lawyer requested his release due to diabetes, high blood pressure and gallbladder failure; but his request was rejected.

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