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    • Journalist
      • Imprisoned
      • Killed
        • Complete Impunity
        Type of Death
          • Crossfire
          • Dangerous Assignment
          • Execution
          • Murder
          Suspected Source of Fire
            • Military Officials
            • Paramilitary Group
            • Political Group
            • Unknown Fire
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              • Local
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                Staff or Freelance
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                          • Egypt
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                          • Iraq
                          • Jordan
                          • Sudan
                          • Syria
                          • Yemen
                            • 2020

                            Nabil Hassan Al-Quaety

                            Journalism was the crime of the Photojournalist Nabil Hassan Al- Quaety and his camera was the weapon in countries that can’t handle freedom. He was convicted for practicing his journalistic work and covering events in Yemen as he was shot dead by an anonymous in Adan.
                            Al-Qaiti is a victim of war crimes in Yemen as he was shot while walking next to his house in Dar Saad on June 3rd, 2020.

                            Al-Quaiti worked for several independent media outlets and news agencies like; France Press, Rayleigh, etc. He used to report the events of Yemen being brave which was demonstrated in the meaningful pictures of the events that he clicked.

                            Rashid Bakr

                            His camera wasn’t enough to protect him from a warplane missile that injured and killed him. The Syrian journalist Rashid Bakr was convicted for practicing his journalistic work, covering events and taking pictures of the camp, northern Idlib, where he was subjected to an airstrike by a Russian warplane on November 26th that targeted a training camp for Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation in Jabal Al-Duwailah, according to media outlets.
                            Bakr has worked for Al Muharr Media Network since its launch in November 2018

                            Ruhollah Zam

                            The Iranian opposition journalist, Ruhollah Zam, was unaware that his political perspectives would cause him troubles and that he would pay his life as a price for expressing himself on his news channel, broadcast on Telegram.

                            From France to Iraq, the Iranian authority lured Zam, as Revolutionary Guard declared and emphasized in a speech that Zem is one of the key figures in the enemy’s media network and psychological war. Observers viewed this as controversial questioning the involvement of Iraqi officials in Zam’s arrest.

                            His charge and indictment were ready, promoting corruption, and his sentence to death awaited him to be executed on December 12th, 2020. Zam was executed and did the freedom of expression that the Iranian regime considers to be a way to spread corruption.






                            Safaa Ghali

                            On January 10th, the photojournalist, Safaa Ghali, along with his colleague Ahmed Abdel Samad, working for Dijlah TV, was targeted and assassinated by militias operating in southern Iraq, as they drove out of the sit-in square in Basra. Ghali did not die at once and there was a glimpse of hope to be saved, yet wounds didn’t betray Safi’s body, leaving him dead within an hour.