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                      • 2020

                      Abdul Fattah Al-Hussein


                      The Syrian journalist and activist, Abdul Fattah Al-Hussein, meets an uncertain fate while his family and colleagues ask for his whereabouts and for permission to contact him, yet no responses.

                      It is mentioned that an armed faction belongs to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham has detained him on December 2nd and that this faction has been attacking the journalists and activists repeatedly following the media persons.

                      Amer Abdel Moneim

                      The Egyptian authorities detained journalist Amer Abdel Moneim who is diagnosed with chronic diseases and convicted him with terrorism which he normally fabricates for journalists, according to observers.
                      The captain of the Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists, Diaa Rashwan, called for his released release after the Egyptian authorities arrested him on January 19th, 2020, he wasn’t released rather referred to the State Security Prosecution, which detained him for 15 days on remand and accused him with disseminating fake news and assisting a terrorist group in achieving its objectives.
                      The memo stated that “the Syndicate received a complaint from Abdel Moneim’s family concerning his detention and submission to the Supreme State Security Prosecution, without notifying the Journalists Syndicate” in breach of the Syndicate rule, “mentioning that“ an order was issued to detain him for 15 days on case No. 1017 for the year 2020. He was kept in Tora Liman prison despite his worse health condition.

                      Anisa Jafari-Mehr

                      Anisa Al-Jaafari, a writer whose whereabouts and fate are a mystery, is stuck behind the bars of the Iranian prison, without any clarifications of why she was arrested. On the 23rd of November, she was arrested by the Iranian authority, who then stormed her house in Eslamabad, confiscated her laptop, mobile, and even books. It is worth mentioning that Anisa Al-Jaafari was a writer, art and literary critic in a Kurdish-language magazine based in Germany. Journalist and Jurists pointed out her arrest is an appalling violation of the freedom of press and expression.

                      Faisal Abdul Razzaq Al-Bayoush


                      On December 16th,  in Salqin, northern Idlib, where the media activist Faisal Abdul Razzaq Al-Bayoush, the head of logistical support in the Union of Revolutionary Bureaus, works and where armed people attacked his office and abducted him; however, his family and colleagues attempted to trace him, but no clue.

                      The armed faction of “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham” was accused of engaging in the abduction of Al-Bayoush, as he opposes the group’s policies and their terrorist operations in Syrian.

                      Jackson Ochaya

                      On September 1st, the security forces, southern Sudan, abducted the journalist Jackson Oshaya, leaving no clue about his fate until it was reported that he had been detained by the Sudanese authorities. Oshaya thought that there was a space for journalism, respect for expression, and acceptance of the other’s perspectives, yet he paid the price of his freedom.

                      Oshaya works for the online newspaper, The Citizen, and has been detained for publishing statements by the official spokesman for the National Salvation Front on a report he prepared about the mutual accusations between the Front and the government related to the violence in the Lobonock area.

                      Kabir Hossain (Selim Akash)

                      In a well-planned ambush, the Bengali journalist arrested on the 14th of April. He received a call from an unknown entity claiming they have something that belongs to him. They offered him to come and take it or be delivered to his address. The journalist then gave them his address and within half an hour three men arrived without identifying themselves.


                      The wife said that she asked them who they were but they haven’t answered. She asked them also where they were taking her husband. The security agencies denied having him when she called them. She then called the Bangladesh embassy in Jordan who claimed knowing nothing about him. Three days after the call, Mr. Salim called her and said that he was detained on charges of publishing an article on Bangladesh workers’ suffering during the lockdown and the embassy’s inaction to help them. His wife said that her husband is a registered journalist in his country and he works in a Bangladesh media outlet, but not registered in Jordan, as he works in a school cafeteria in Amman along with his work in journalism.