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                            • 2020

                            Abdul Fattah Al-Hussein


                            The Syrian journalist and activist, Abdul Fattah Al-Hussein, meets an uncertain fate while his family and colleagues ask for his whereabouts and for permission to contact him, yet no responses.

                            It is mentioned that an armed faction belongs to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham has detained him on December 2nd and that this faction has been attacking the journalists and activists repeatedly following the media persons.

                            Abdul Nasser Haj Hamdan

                            Journalist Abdel Nasser Haj Hamdan risks his life every time he covers an incident. He bids his work and colleagues a farewell once he heads to shelling sites. He believed that the press is a message to convey the truth to the public.
                            On February 20th, he went to cover the shelling of the Russian warplanes on Al-Naasan city, in the countryside of Idlib. He was involved in his work worrying about the fate of those who would be displaced and those whose families would be killed in the shelling. Yet, He fell victim to the ongoing war in Syria

                            Amjad Anas Aktalati

                            “The situation is disastrous in Arihah,” wrote Amjad Aktalati, a journalist working for different media outlets, who died on February 4th covering an airstrike in Arihah, southern Idlib.
                            Aktalati was hiding away along with his friend in a four-floor building where he and his friend died as the building collapsed in the airstrike.

                            Faisal Abdul Razzaq Al-Bayoush


                            On December 16th,  in Salqin, northern Idlib, where the media activist Faisal Abdul Razzaq Al-Bayoush, the head of logistical support in the Union of Revolutionary Bureaus, works and where armed people attacked his office and abducted him; however, his family and colleagues attempted to trace him, but no clue.

                            The armed faction of “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham” was accused of engaging in the abduction of Al-Bayoush, as he opposes the group’s policies and their terrorist operations in Syrian.

                            Hussein Khattab

                            On December 12th, in Southern Syria, Khatab left his home carrying his tools to write a report on Covid-19, adding freedom of the press to his new year buckets in Syria. He eagerly wants to return home to continue working on his project, “the Syrian Media Council”, which he announced at the end of November 2020. However, He couldn’t reach back home, as he fell dead by bullets of gunmen who shot him and fled.

                            Khattab thought that he isn’t crossing the red lines by demanding protection and freedom to journalists since he doesn’t call for a secret or terrorist organization rather giving free rein to the pens of journalists and enable them to utter a word of truth. unfortunately, he committed an unforgivable mistake in those countries.

                            Rashid Bakr

                            His camera wasn’t enough to protect him from a warplane missile that injured and killed him. The Syrian journalist Rashid Bakr was convicted for practicing his journalistic work, covering events and taking pictures of the camp, northern Idlib, where he was subjected to an airstrike by a Russian warplane on November 26th that targeted a training camp for Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation in Jabal Al-Duwailah, according to media outlets.
                            Bakr has worked for Al Muharr Media Network since its launch in November 2018