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    • Journalist
      • Killed
        • Complete Impunity
        Type of Death
          • Murder
          Suspected Source of Fire
            • Military Officials
            • Political Group
              • Local
                • Male
                Staff or Freelance
                  • Freelance
                  • Staff
                    • Broadcast Reporter
                    • Camera Operator
                    • Journalist
                    • Photographer
                      • Politics
                      • War
                        • Internet
                        • Television
                          • Egypt
                          • Iran
                          • Iraq
                          • Jordan
                          • Sudan
                          • Syria
                          • Yemen
                            • 2020

                            Adeeb Al-Janani

                            On January 30th, Adeeb Al-Janani was doing his job, reporting the incident live, then all of a sudden; shrapnel struck him in the abdomen, the communication with his work, Belqis Channel, was cut off and instead of reporting the ongoing incidents, the anchor reported his death following the Aden airport attack.
                            Al-Janani was admitted to the government hospital, however, the shrapnel was heavier than the medical intervention that sought to save his life and it sent him to the hereafter, bare his journalistic equipment and being a witness to the horrific crime.

                            Nabil Hassan Al-Quaety

                            Journalism was the crime of the Photojournalist Nabil Hassan Al- Quaety and his camera was the weapon in countries that can’t handle freedom. He was convicted for practicing his journalistic work and covering events in Yemen as he was shot dead by an anonymous in Adan.
                            Al-Qaiti is a victim of war crimes in Yemen as he was shot while walking next to his house in Dar Saad on June 3rd, 2020.

                            Al-Quaiti worked for several independent media outlets and news agencies like; France Press, Rayleigh, etc. He used to report the events of Yemen being brave which was demonstrated in the meaningful pictures of the events that he clicked.