Tunisia – The extension of the state of emergency for an extra 6 months concerns the journalists

A member of the Tunisian Journalists Syndicate, Amira Mohamed, has voiced concerns about President, Qais Said’s decision to prolong the state of emergency for a maximum of six months, highlighting that the security in the country doesn’t entail the enforcement of the emergency act, which grants the executive authority the rights to limit freedoms and impose house arrest and restrictions on mobility, besides controlling the press, publications, radio broadcasts, cinema and theater without prior authorization. On the other hand, the security specialist, Badra Kaaloul, stated that the extension of the state of emergency would exhaust the security and military forces; however, it is a must to preserve the national security of the country.

It is essential to point out that since November 2015; Tunisia has been living in a state of emergency after the terror attack in the capital, which killed a total of 12 members of the presidential security.



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