Abdul Nasser Haj Hamdan

Abdul Nasser Haj Hamdan

  • Classification Journalist

  • Gender Male

  • Nationalities
  • Life status Dead

    Place of death Syria

    Cause of death Murder

  • Occupations
    • Camera Operator
    • Journalist
    • Photographer
  •   Additional Details
  • Status Killed

  • Medium
    • Internet
  • Coverage
    • Human Rights
    • Politics
    • War
  • Origin Local

  • Staff or Freelance Staff

    • Suspected source
      • Military Officials
    • Taken captive No

    • Threatened Unknown

    • Tortured Unknown

Journalist Abdul Nasser Haj Hamdan risks his life every time he covers an incident. He bids his work and colleagues a farewell once he heads to shelling sites. He believed that the press is a message to convey the truth to the public.

On February 20th, he went to cover the shelling of the Russian warplanes on Al-Naasan city, in the countryside of Idlib. He was involved in his work worrying about the fate of those who would be displaced and those whose families would be killed in the shelling. Yet, He fell victim to the ongoing war in Syria