Ahmed Abdul Samad

  • Classification Journalist

  • Gender Male

  • Nationalities
  • Life status Dead

    Year of death 2020

    Place of death Iraq

    Cause of death Dangerous Assignment

  • Occupations
    • Broadcast Reporter
    • Journalist
  •   Additional Details
  • Status Killed

  • Medium
    • Internet
    • Television
  • Coverage
    • Politics
    • War
  • Origin Local

  • Staff or Freelance Staff

    • Suspected source
      • Paramilitary Group
    • Impunity
      • Complete Impunity
    • Taken captive No

    • Threatened Unknown

    • Tortured No

On the 10th of January, a gunmen opened fire on a car carrying Dijlah TV reporter Ahmed Abdul Samad and camera operator Safaa Ghali in Basra.

His colleagues blamed pro-Iranian militias. Before his assassination, Dijlah TV reporter posted a tweet about Iran, saying it seizes on every opportunity to expand its proxy war, commenting on what Tehran did after the assassination of Qasem Soleimani: it wasn’t surprising that Soleimani’s daughter has pleaded Hassan Nasrallah to retaliate her father’s death and the fact that she didn’t make this request to Khamenei. It is because Iranians told her to do so in order to gain sympathy. Hassan Nasrallah and some deputies were deceived which means that Iran wouldn’t miss a chance to exploit any opportunity for furthering their proxy war.

He was therefore assassinated for his opinion in a country where armed factions are above the law.