Amjad Anas Aktalati

  • Classification Journalist

  • Gender Male

  • Nationalities
  • Life status Dead

    Year of death 2020

    Place of death Syria

    Cause of death Crossfire

  • Occupations
    • Camera Operator
    • Journalist
    • Photographer
  •   Additional Details
  • Status Killed

  • Medium
    • Internet
  • Coverage
    • War
  • Origin Local

  • Staff or Freelance Freelance

    • Suspected source
      • Military Officials
    • Impunity
      • Complete Impunity
    • Taken captive No

    • Threatened No

    • Tortured No

“The situation is disastrous in Arihah” wrote Amjad Aktalati, a journalist working for different media outlets, who died on February 4th covering an airstrike in Arihah, southern Idlib.
Aktalati was hiding away along with his friend in a 4-floor building; where he and his friend died as the building collapsed in the airstrike.