Jackson Ochaya

  • Classification Journalist

  • Gender Male

  • Nationalities
  • Life status Alive

  • Occupations
    • Journalist
    • Print Reporter
  •   Additional Details
  • Status Imprisoned

  • Medium
    • Internet
    • Print
  • Coverage
    • Business
    • Corruption
    • Politics
  • Origin Local

  • Staff or Freelance Staff

    • Taken captive Yes

    • Threatened Unknown

    • Place of imprisonment Sudan  

On September 1st, the security forces, southern Sudan, abducted the journalist Jackson Oshaya, leaving no clue about his fate; until it was reported that he had been detained by the Sudanese authorities.

Oshaya thought that there was a space for journalism, respect for expression, and acceptance of the other’s perspectives, yet he paid the price of his freedom.

Oshaya works for the online newspaper, The Citizen, and has been detained for publishing statements by the official spokesman for the National Salvation Front, on a report he prepared about the mutual accusations between the Front and the government related to the violence in the Lobonock area.