Ruhollah Zam

  • Classification Journalist

  • Gender Male

  • Nationalities
  • Life status Dead

    Year of death 2020

    Place of death Iran

    Cause of death Execution

  • Occupations
    • Editor
    • Internet Reporter
    • Journalist
    • Owner / Publisher
  •   Additional Details
  • Status Killed

  • Medium
    • Internet
  • Coverage
    • Crime
    • Human Rights
    • Politics
  • Origin Local

  • Staff or Freelance Staff

    • Impunity
      • Complete Impunity
    • Taken captive Yes

    • Threatened No

    • Tortured Yes

The Iranian opposition journalist, Ruhollah Zam, was unaware that his political perspectives would cause him troubles and that he would pay his life as a price for expressing himself on his news channel, broadcast on Telegram.

From France to Iraq, the Iranian authority lured Zam, as Revolutionary Guard declared and emphasized in a speech that Zam is one of the key figures in the enemy’s media network and psychological war. Observers viewed this as controversial questioning the involvement of Iraqi officials in Zam’s arrest.

His charge and indictment were ready, promoting corruption, and his sentence to death awaited him to be executed on December 12th, 2020.
Zam was executed and did the freedom of expression that the Iranian regime considers to be a way to spread corruption.